Spring 2022 Appeal

Help individuals and families in need make a fresh start in recovery.

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“Caron did not give me a ‘new’ life, but instead they gave me life for the first time! I had no life left in me when I arrived at Caron. I was sick, exhausted, and completely broken; but it was here at Caron where I finally began to live my life for the very first time without being chained down by my disease. I found life at Caron.

- A grateful Caron Alumna

The past two years caused a drastic increase in the number of individuals and families seeking help for substance use disorder. Caron is here to nourish their journey and help them blossom into a life beyond their greatest hopes and dreams.

Your support is critical for Caron to continue providing the support and resources these individuals need to find new life in recovery. Your gifts will forge a path for patients and families to take those first steps toward building new patterns and relationships. Your kindness will give them the strength and courage to finally dip their toes into new waters of safety and support in recovery.

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For questions related to fundraising, please reach out to Susannah Batchelder Bosley, Director of Annual Giving, at

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