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The First Day

What to expect when you arrive at Caron.

1 Your Role
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2 Basic Information
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3 Condition Information
Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.

A Warm Greeting.

On your first day at Caron, you’ll meet your admissions specialist or a counselor’s assistant in-person. With compassion and empathy, he or she will guide you through the full admissions process, introduce you to the facility and help you begin adjusting to life in rehab.

Checking In.

CR Lobby
Main Lobby at Caron Renaissance

Our caring staff will review our policies and procedures with you, and give you a copy of our patient handbook, which includes information about the facility and the treatment programs, as well as other materials you will need during rehab. We’ll check your luggage in and take your picture for a photo ID. 

Then, we’ll have you sign our consent and release forms and complete any outstanding financial paperwork.

Caron Renaissance patients are encouraged to arrive independently on the first day. We'll let your family know you got here safely.

Medical Evaluation

The next step is for you to meet one of our licensed medical professionals for a thorough assessment of your health and current medical condition. Understanding your physical condition will help our clinical staff create an individualized treatment plan for you.

Detox, If Necessary

If you’re being admitted to our Pennsylvania facility, you’ll be evaluated for detox when you arrive. If detox is needed, you will be transferred to our on-site medical detox unit.

At Caron Renaissance in Florida, the medical and clinical teams will evaluate you for detox prior to the first day or upon admission. If you do require detox, the medical team will make arrangements for you to be transferred to a local detox facility.

In detox, you will be monitored carefully in a safe, comfortable environment as substances work their way out of your system. Renaissance staff will remain in close contact with the detox facility during your treatment.

Settling in and Meeting Others

Lobby CPA
Admissions Lobby at Caron Pennsylvania

If detox is unnecessary (or once it’s complete), you’ll be shown to your room and get some time to settle in. Before the first day comes to a close, you’ll meet with your primary therapist.