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Traci Wojciechowski

Traci Wojciechowski

Senior Director of Education
In her role as senior director of education in Caron’s Education Alliance, Traci Wojciechowski is responsible for ensuring that quality education, prevention, and early intervention services are provided to school systems and youth-serving agencies throughout the Southeast, New England, and Mid-Atlantic states. She has assisted in the expansion of these regions through innovative program development, outreach to key stakeholders and by building and nurturing strong, effective teams. Sustainability of these high-quality programs is integral to her department’s success, and Traci takes pride in solid stewardship of Caron’s grant funding and the cultivation of positive relationships with Caron’s philanthropic partners.

Traci works with the Education Alliance’s leadership team to provide the vision for the department and set the strategic approach that supports Caron’s mission. That the strategic support she provides makes a difference gives her immense satisfaction. “I recognize the significant impact our efforts have through feedback from educators, parents, and students describing how valuable Caron’s comprehensive and often life-changing continuum of services has been in their communities.”

She has worked in Caron’s Education Alliance since 2002, serving as a coordinator and then as regional director of education before her promotion in January 2020. She developed Caron’s teen nicotine cessation program, Project CONNECT®, and has written articles, presented at national conferences, and facilitated numerous trainings on the topic of substance use prevention. Her areas of expertise include staff development, project management, and building and maintaining meaningful partnerships.

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