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Teresa Bairos

Teresa Bairos

Family Therapist
Caron Renaissance in FL

Teresa Bairos is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and joined the Caron Renaissance team in 2018 as a family therapist. In her role, Teresa provides family and group counseling, crisis intervention and facilitation of the family workshop program.

During her career, Teresa has worked as a general practitioner with a focus on supporting family systems coping with mental illness, addiction, trauma and acculturation. She has served the U.S. Military overseas providing both psychoeducation and treatment around suicide prevention, domestic violence, acute trauma response and post deployment reintegration. Teresa has worked in the roles of Lead Therapist, Family Therapist, Program Developer, Clinical Director and Clinical Supervisor. Her experience includes additional training in Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity management, Collaborative Problem Solving and Co-Occurring Disorders. As a certified Gottman Institute couple’s therapist, Teresa works with families seeking to strengthen their relationship and improve parenting skills. She serves her community as an Autism Awareness advocate supporting families and educators. Her skills focus on using active techniques and strategies for change to help each family member meet their goals.

Teresa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Family Studies as well as a Master’s Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from The University of Connecticut.

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