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Sarah Loretangeli

Sarah Loretangeli

Medical Services Coordinator at Caron Renaissance and Ocean Drive
Caron Renaissance in FL

Sarah Loretangeli is the medical services coordinator for Caron Florida, a position she has had since 2018. She ensures that patients’ medical needs are met by coordinating doctors’ schedules, arranging outside medical appointments, and coordinating medical record requests.

Having worked as a counselor assistant at Caron when she first arrived in 2013 and then as a lead counselor assistant has helped her to understand the whole organization and how the different departments work together to provide comprehensive patient care. Her dedication to her job is driven by her belief in the work Caron does.

She also deeply appreciates the support she receives at work. “I have never felt so supported in the workplace. My colleagues at Caron are like a little family.” With the encouragement of her colleagues, Sarah decided to return to school. She is currently in an associate program for addiction studies and plans to continue to get her bachelor’s degree.

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