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Maggie Doolan

Maggie Doolan

Family Therapist
Caron Renaissance in FL

Maggie Doolan is a Family Therapist at Caron Renaissance, primarily providing therapy and education for families. Maggie helps families to identify patterns from their own family of origin, so they can then use their insight to choose to improve communication, boundaries, self-awareness, and life balance.  Maggie assists families in transforming beliefs and actions based on guilt, fear, and anxiety into beliefs and actions driven by empowerment and confidence, and that operationalize their love for the patient.

Prior to her work as a family therapist at Caron, Maggie was in private practice,, and has always provided therapy using a philosophy similar to that of Caron Renaissance. Maggie has primarily treated individuals and the families of young adults with a complex combination of chemical dependency or process addiction, trauma history, and personality disorders. Maggie also had experience as the supervisor for an in-home family services program, lead therapist at a substance abuse treatment facility, and primary therapist for a mental health facility.  Maggie has provided clinical supervision for doctoral candidates and for people seeking licensure. She was featured on "Divorce Connections" as an expert on co parenting during divorce, and has spoken at several Universities.

Maggie has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for over 14 years.  She obtained her Master's degree from Radford University, and her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Florida State University.

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