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Kelly Helfet

Kelly Helfet

Primary Therapist
MSW, Registered Clinical Social Work Intern
Caron Renaissance in FL

Kelly Helfet joined the Caron Renaissance team in 2018 as a primary therapist. She provides individual and group counseling and family systems work and addresses case management needs to provide comprehensive patient care.

Kelly specializes in working with young adult patients who have significant mental health issues along with substance use disorder. “It’s rare,” she notes, “to use the family systems perspective as a large part of the lens for treatment. Each patient works with both a primary therapist and a family therapist, which doesn’t happen very often in other treatment centers.”

She is appreciative of the collaboration that drives work at Caron. “Medical, clinical, and residential staff work together to make sure patient needs are met. It’s not only good for the patients, it advances my professional development as well. As treatment providers, we can’t survive on an island and Caron doesn’t expect us to.”

Kelly is working toward completing her post-graduate licensure in social work. She holds a master’s degree in social work from Florida Atlantic University and a bachelor’s degree in human services from Lynn University.

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