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Kate Appelman

Kate Appleman

Senior Clinical Director, Men’s Treatment Services
Areas of Expertise: Men, Professionals, Health Care Professionals

Kate Appleman is the Senior Clinical Director of Men’s Treatment Services at Caron Treatment Centers. Since 2005, Kate has been a clinician at Caron working specifically in the adult men’s and women’s primary treatment programs and the relapse program. In addition, since 2013, she has been working with and developing programs for executives, healthcare professionals, and opioid addiction.

Kate’s areas of expertise include a focus on men’s addiction treatment and recovery, as well as relapse treatment and prevention, motivational interviewing, and working with family systems impacted by addiction. Her tenure at Caron has allowed her to receive training in addiction interaction disorder (AID) and professional development. She is a certified clinical supervisor and a certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor and holds ASAT and CMAT certifications.

She has also been an adjunct professor at Alvernia University in its Behavioral Health Department since 2013. Kate holds a Bachelor of Science in social work from Alvernia University and a Master of Arts in counseling psychology from Rosemont College.