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Elizabeth Duffy

Elizabeth Duffy

Regional Resource Director, East Coast of Florida

Elizabeth Duffy has been the regional resource director for eastern Florida since 2018. In this role, she represents Caron in the community and serves as a resource for professionals, families, and others, providing information about Caron’s treatment programs and services.

With her professional background and personal experience of the need for the kind of treatment and family work Caron Renaissance does, she can “speak with authenticity and passion to Caron’s integrity and its expertise.” Liz began working at Caron in 2010, taking on a variety of roles, including director of alumni relations and member of the clinical team at Ocean Drive for seven years. She gained valuable experience setting up a high-end transitional home for women in recovery prior to joining the Caron team.

When Liz earned her MBA with a specialization in international business studies in 2018, she saw an opportunity to take on a new role so she jumped at the offer to take the regional resource director position. It’s given her a chance to see Caron from both an internal and external perspective. Her education and experience give her the capability to creatively build strategies for how Caron Renaissance can help more people. For example, she coordinated a weekend of workshops, sponsored by Caron Renaissance, to support teachers, students, and families involved in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018. The weekend provided a space for those affected to process the grief, PTSD, and trauma that resulted from the shooting and its aftermath. Liz works to be the link between the external community and the internal team at Caron. She works directly with the clinical team to ensure continuity of care for families, referents, and patients that she has the opportunity to support.

Elizabeth Duffy is the Regional Resource Director for Eastern Florida. In this role, she will assist you in admission to any Caron facility, answer questions regarding programs and services, provide tours of Caron programs, offer consultations with patients and families, and provide resources and referrals in your area when appropriate. Liz can be reached at or by calling 561-526-8889.

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