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David Rotenberg

David Rotenberg

Executive Vice President & Chief Clinical Officer
MA, MBA, CAC Diplomate
Areas of Expertise: Addiction, Mental Health, Heroin and Prescription Drug Addiction, Program Design and Development, Medication Assisted Treatment, Co-occurring Disorders, Professionals and Addiction, Teens and Young Adults, Older Adults

Mr. Rotenberg is executive vice president and chief clinical officer for Caron Treatment Centers. He is recognized throughout the industry as an expert in treating co-occurring mental health disorders, relapse, and family issues, and innovative approaches to the intervention and treatment of teens and young adults.

During his 23-year tenure at Caron, Mr. Rotenberg has pioneered treatment approaches and developed gender-specific programs that emphasize cultural literacy as a key element in teen and young adult addiction treatment. In fact, his assertion that industry experts and parents must “speak teen” in order to prevent and treat teen addiction inspired ground-breaking research that identified how teens communicate about alcohol and drugs on the internet. In addition, he has also actively campaigned against the phrase “gateway drug,” which often dismisses the harm caused by alcohol and marijuana on today’s teens and young adults.

Mr. Rotenberg has been the key architect of several new programs on the Caron Pennsylvania campus, including: the Older Adults Program, Women’s Program, the Legal Professionals Program, and the Executive Program for people of high talent, affluence, and need for discretion in their treatment experience. He has also helped put Caron at the forefront of the industry in the treatment of the Jewish and LGBTQ populations, furthering his mission of improving cultural literacy within the Caron continuum. He has championed Caron’s combination of clinical competency and philanthropy in response to its local heroin epidemic, targeting Berks County’s youngest, most vulnerable citizens for treatment. In spring 2019, Mr. Rotenberg launched a sober high school for teens in Berks County.

Mr. Rotenberg holds a master’s degree in psychology from Marywood University and a Master of Business Administration degree in healthcare administration from Alvernia University. He has been a certified addiction counselor since 1996.