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Cory Halpern

Cory Halpern

Director of Support Services
Caron Renaissance in FL

Cory Halpern is Director of Support Services at Caron Renaissance. In 2001Cory joined the Renaissance Family, quickly progressing within the field after obtaining his CAC. Over the years, Cory has worked in several departments such as Community Living, Primary and Family Therapist and Admissions. Cory has been responsible for overseeing the Community Living Program since 2010.

Beginning his career in Mental Health in the early 90’s, Cory was unaware of the path this would later take him. Cory became certified in a series of Aggression Control trainings and instructed hundreds of direct care staff to increase their confidence and sense of Team when challenged with working with aggressive individuals. After spending almost a decade working direct care, from group homes to lock down units, Cory became more focused on the treatment of addiction. Until then, his exposure was placed more on crisis management and stabilization for the predominantly mental health population but in many cases, was able to see the concept of dual diagnosis.

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