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Celeste Bowman

Celeste Bowman

Primary Therapist
Caron Renaissance in FL

Celeste Bowman is a Certified Addiction Professional and a Primary Therapist at Caron Renaissance. In her role, she utilizes her professional skills to help individuals work through mental health and addiction related issues.

Her extensive experience has been counseling in multiple treatment settings for over 24 years. Her passion has always been helping individuals heal and rebuild their lives from the devastation caused by traumatic events, recurring substance use, mental health issues and poor coping skills.

Celeste has an abundance of professional clinical experience in individual and group counseling utilizing theory-based approaches to help individuals reach their treatment goals. With strong communication skills and a natural empathetic style, she makes appropriate assessments and develops individual care plans for individuals and their families to have successful outcomes.

Her experience also includes management, program development, program coordination, training and working with specialized populations, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals.

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