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Ariella Jonas

Ariella Jonas

Vice President, Florida Continuum
Caron Renaissance in FL
Areas of Expertise: Substance Use Disorder, Impact of Substance Use Disorder on Families, and Mental Health

Ariella Jonas is vice president of the Florida continuum. In this role, she oversees quality, compliance, risk, human resources, finance, facilities, and billing, collaborating with clinical and medical staff to ensure that operations run smoothly. She has worked in administration at Caron since 2015.

She relishes the ability to improve how Caron works in Florida. “As part of the administrative team, we can see where there’s room for improvement — whether it’s increasing efficiencies or resolving operational or logistical challenges — and make those changes to advance how we do our work and the outcomes of that work.” Her personal background and work experience as a therapist and in an acute psychiatric environment contribute to the store of knowledge she puts to use every day in her goal to ensure a safe and productive treatment environment.

She is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Florida, which is how she began her career at Caron—interning while earning her master’s degree in social work, after which she became a therapist. She returned to Caron as a case specialist in 2011 and took on the job of director of quality in 2015, which grew into her present position. Although she notes she would appreciate a few more hours in every day, she says the variety of challenges and projects is her favorite part of the job. “It’s a little bit like a Crossfit workout—the varied challenges and the intensity and frequency of them keep me prepared and on my toes.”

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