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Amy Shoemaker

Amy Shoemaker

Family Therapist
Caron Renaissance in FL

As a family therapist, Amy Shoemaker works with families to address their family of origin issues, traumas, and enabling. “The family systems approach we use at Caron Renaissance allows me to help families discover why they do things the way they do them. Understanding the ‘why’ makes positive change easier.”

With the focus Caron Renaissance has on alumni connection and involvement, Amy sees the results of her work as her patients’ lives flourish in recovery. “The other day, I got a photo from a father of his two sons on a fishing trip together. Before the family went into treatment, the sons were not speaking.”

She started working at Caron Renaissance in 2009 as a counselor assistant and weekend supervisor at the residential campus. In addition to patient care and crisis management, she helped patients to develop healthy coping skills. That experience helped her to develop a calm demeanor and ability to solve problems during crises. She makes use of that ability to stay calm to help her current patients through their struggles and crises.

Her coworkers motivate and inspire her with their caring and authenticity. “The most genuine people I have ever met are the people who work here.”

Amy has been working in the addiction field since 2005, previously managing a 50-bed residential recovery community. She is a certified addiction counselor.

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