Teens & Adolescents (13-19)

Adolescents and teens, who are suffering from a drug addiction or alcohol addiction, are one of the most difficult populations to address clinically.  They also require special care and professional treatment that addresses their particular physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development levels.

Most adolescents and teens dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction benefit from leaving their current environment and entering a safe, controlled treatment environment with others of their same age and gender.  Caron provides modern, gender-separate and gender-specific drug and alcohol rehab treatment facilities and programs for adolescents and teens 13-19 years of age.

All adolescents and teens receive an accurate drug and alcohol assessment that addresses co-occurring psychiatric disorders and increasingly complicated family needs.  Safe medical detoxification services are available for patients who may need medical supervision during withdrawal.  Each patient will receive an individualized treatment plan, prepared by a psychologist, addiction counselor(s), medical staff and spiritual care counselors.

Caron’s adolescent and teen  primary addiction treatment programs for boys and girls address negative patterns and behaviors such as alcohol and drug use, abuse and dependency; co-occurring psychiatric issues; family conflict; low self-esteem or self-loathing; self-injurious behaviors; and anger in group, individual, and family counseling sessions.  The intent is to increase insight into the disease process and consequences of addiction.

All of Caron Pennsylvania’s adolescent and teen treatment programs are smoke and tobacco free.  Individuals who discontinue all addictive substances at one time are statistically less likely to relapse.  Caron Pennsylvania provides smoking cessation and nicotine replacement programs to all patients of all ages.

With their counselors, adolescents and teens explore relationship issues, the development of coping skills, and other issues as they work to gain an understanding of the tools necessary for staying sober.  Counseling is designed to motivate adolescents and teens to implement healthy lifestyle changes to maintain their recovery once they leave Caron.

Life-Skills Support
To increase self-esteem and encourage usable, practical skills, adolescents participate in life-skills training such as: resume writing, filling out college applications, building a sober support system, and partaking in household chores.  In addition to training, patients are expected to complete simple chores during their stay at Caron Pennsylvania in order to increase a sense of community and accomplishment.


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