Recovery Care Services

Caron’s Recovery Care Services (RCS) provides support and guidance to patients and their families for a full year after a patient is discharged.  RCS emphasizes that one never “graduates” from a recovery program.

Every patient and family who comes to Caron for addiction treatment is given the tools to help form a solid foundation for Recovery for Life.   After treatment, patients and their families will not be alone.  The most important work patients will do for their recovery occurs in the first days, weeks, months after they leave Caron.  Caron is committed to supporting patients and their families through this transitional period.

Recovery Care Services takes an in-depth look at all areas of an individual’s recovery, such as:

  • Participation in 12-Step programs
  • Aftercare attendance
  • Social/family support

All information shared between a Recovery Care Specialist, a patient, and family members is kept confidential.  RCS is available at no additional cost to patients and their families.


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