Recreational Activities

Caron Pennsylvania offers a wide-variety of recreational activities to patients during their time in drug and alcohol treatment. Whether the activity introduces patients to a new experience or reintroduces them to a favorite past-time from their childhood, each patient has the opportunity to experience treatment in unique ways.

Recreational activities include off-site trips where patients bond as a community and have the opportunity to ease back into real-life experiences to support their Recovery for Life. These activities range from day trips off campus to overnight retreats.  Adventure programming is a cornerstone of the off-site program. Depending on the season, offerings include:

  • White Water Rafting
  • Recreational Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Rails to Trails Bike Rides
  • Off-site Camping trips and Retreats
  • Reading Rocks Rock Climbing
  • Challenge Course on Campus
  • Rhythm and Recovery community drum circle programs

Patients are also able to participate in leisure activities in the surrounding community including:

  • Shopping at a local book store
  • Trips to the movie theatre
  • Afternoons in local parks and museums
  • And much more…

Clinical staff often accompanies the recreation team and patient community for off-site events. After returning from these trips, patients are given the opportunity to discuss their experience in a group setting and reflect on any feelings of insecurity, anxiety or triggers they may have had while off-campus. This reflection has provided patients with a unique way to prepare for life after treatment.


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