Caron Pennsylvania is dedicated not only to the sobriety and recovery of the substance abuser, but also on the recovery and healing of the entire family.  Whether the chemically dependent patient is a teen or adolescent, a young adult, adult or relapse patient, Caron believes it is crucial for the patient’s family to be engaged from the very beginning of their loved one’s treatment.  For this reason, family programs are a crucial part of each of Caron’s comprehensive treatment programs for teens and adolescents, young adults and adults, as well as relapse individuals.

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Caron Pennsylvania knows that the family of a person with a chemical dependency is profoundly affected at a very deep level.  The family wants to help their loved one, but also not lose other family members in the process.  The substance abuser’s addiction has often become the focus of their lives and thrown the family into chaos.  Spouses, children, parents and siblings become overwhelmed with the confusion and pain that arise from a family member with addiction issues.  Recovery is crucial for both the family and the addict.

The family recovery programs offered at Caron Pennsylvania help families and patients to understand the emotional consequences of addiction, the recovery process and the enormous impact of addiction on the family.  Families also learn how their behaviors and attitudes may have inadvertently enabled their loved one’s addiction to progress and are given the tools to recover from this behavior.

Each family program is tailor-made for the individual family and patient.  Caron Pennsylvania’s family therapists and counselors work with the patient’s treatment team to make the experience as uplifting and transformational as possible.  As family members find recovery within themselves, they are able to move towards a healthier relationship with their loved one.


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