Learn more about the treatment experience at Caron Pennsylvania first-hand from former patients, family members and professionals.

“At the Charles O’Brien Center, we focus on outpatient addiction treatment, but sometimes patients are in need of detoxification and intensive inpatient treatment which we cannot provide.  Caron Pennsylvania is our top choice for a residential addition treatment facility in the region, and we encourage our patients to take advantage of the excellent family education services available during their stay at Caron.”

Tracy Steen, Ph.D.
Clinical Director
Charles O'Brien Center
University of Pennsylvania
October 2012

"Caron literally saved my husband's life. If you told me a year ago that I would still be married now and that my family would be intact and in recovery together, I never would have believed it. But Caron's rehabilitation services, including its Family Education Program, were so strong and so helpful that we, as a family, did begin our recovery path. Through our treatment experience, I have learned that there are rehabs, and then there is Caron, where miracles do happen."

Cara C.
June 2013

"What has impressed me about treatment at Caron is the organization’s commitment to recovery for life.  Not only do patients receive excellent care while at Caron, they are also provided with extended recovery support for a full year after they leave the facility.  Caron wants to make sure that patients stay engaged with follow-up care, and participate fully in self-help programs.  This extended contact also allows Caron to help patients who have relapsed."

James R. McKay, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry
Director, Center on the Continuum of Care
University of Pennsylvania
October 2012

“I have Caron to thank for saving my fiancé’s life. From the very beginning, Caron held our hands as they guided us through the unknown world of addiction and recovery. Caron educated us on addiction and helped me understand what my fiancé was going through. Today, our life is nothing short of a miracle.  We take it one day at a time and we light a candle of serenity every day to remember where we were and where we are today.”

Lisa-Ann M.
June 2013


United States