12-Step Recovery Contact

One of the most crucial services that Caron Treatment Centers provides is connecting newly discharged patients with a 12-Step recovery contact when they return home. This responsibility is an important commitment and helps to bridge the gap between treatment and the 12-Step community. This approach of connecting the recovery community with "newcomers" is often a key ingredient in the success of ongoing, long-term recovery.

The 12-Step Recovery Contact must meet the following criteria:

  • Is in recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction for a minimum of one-year (must be continuous sobriety)
  • Regularly attends 12-Step meetings
  • Is available to meet the newly discharged patient within 24 to 48 hours upon their return home and can take them to a meeting
  • Is available by phone to stay connected with the patient
  • Current Caron staff and their family members are not eligible to be a 12-Step Contact

Role of the 12-Step Recovery Contact
The 12-Step Recovery Contact's role is to help the patient by taking them to local 12-Step meetings and introducing them to other recovering individuals. In addition, the 12-Step Recovery Contact can refer patients to local clubhouses, recovery-oriented workshops, support groups and events.

The 12-Step Recovery Contact is asked to call or email Caron's Alumni Office at 800-678-2332, ext. 6145 or alumni@caron.org once they have taken the newly discharged patient to one or more 12-Step meeting(s).

What a 12-Step Recovery Contact is NOT:

  • An automatic sponsor
  • An automatic best friend
  • A substitute for a 12-Step program
  • A therapist or case manager
  • A chauffer, bank, hotel, legal counsel, financial advisor, job placement/dating agency or source of entertainment

If you are interested in becoming a 12-Step Recovery Contact, please click here.


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