Caron Executive Leadership

Doug Tieman
President and CEO

Mr. Tieman has been the President and CEO of Caron Treatment Centers since 1995. Under Mr. Tieman's direction, Caron has taken leadership roles in treating addiction in young adults and adolescents, sponsoring research, and participating in national conferences on addiction and recovery. Caron has developed, and provides, gender-separate and gender-specific treatment in both its adolescent and adult programs, from primary through extended care. He also established regional centers in Atlanta, GA, Philadelphia, PA, New York, Boca Raton, FL, Dallas, TX, Boston, MA, and Washington, DC. Since Mr. Tieman joined Caron, its revenue has grown more than ten-fold, making it one of the largest nonprofit residential addiction treatment centers in the nation.

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Kristine Bashore
EVP/Chief Administrative Officer

Ms. Bashore oversees Human Resources, Training, Facilities, Information Technologies and Strategic Planning and projects for 880+ Caron employees.  She also served as interim Chief Marketing Officer for 2012-2013 fiscal year.

Since joining Caron in 2000, Ms. Bashore has overseen the expansion of staff from 265 to 880+ employees.  During her tenure, Caron’s retention rate dramatically improved by more than 40%.  She has led numerous organizational process improvement projects and teams.

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David Rotenberg
Executive Vice President of Treatment

David Rotenberg is the Executive Vice President of Treatment at Caron Treatment Centers. He is recognized throughout the industry as an expert in treating co-occurring mental health disorders, relapse and family issues, especially related to adolescents and young adults.

During his 18 year tenure at Caron, Mr. Rotenberg has pioneered innovative treatment approaches and developed gender-specific programs that emphasize cultural literacy as a key element in adolescent and young adult addiction treatment.

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Michael S. Early
Chief Clinical Officer/Clinical Advisor to the President, Caron Treatment Centers

Mr. Early serves as Clinical Advisor to the President and oversees the clinical philosophy for Caron Treatment Centers’ comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction services.  Mr. Early’s career spans more than 42 years in the field of chemical dependency treatment.  He is currently on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers and has had leadership roles in various state and national certification and training programs.

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Sid Goodman
Caron Treatment Centers Vice President of Florida Operations

Sid Goodman, MA, LMHC, serves as Caron Treatment Centers’ Vice President of Florida Operations. In this role, Mr. Goodman oversees the nonprofit addiction treatment provider’s campuses, including Caron Renaissance and Caron Ocean Drive.

Throughout Florida, Caron employs more than 350 staff. Mr. Goodman is responsible for all clinical, medical, spiritual and administrative teams for this important Caron Treatment Centers region. Both he and his staff share a commitment to providing quality treatment with a powerful clinical component and a tremendous amount of compassion and program innovation.

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Patrick Feeley, CFRE
Chief Development Officer/Executive Vice President

Mr. Feeley has 20 years experience in fundraising and management, and currently oversees development (fundraising), which generates in excess of $10 million annually, as well as alumni relations. In addition, Mr. Feeley will be responsible for the upcoming fundraising campaign that will expand Caron’s treatment services, and assist in the continuation of furthering its mission of “helping more people…better.”


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John L. Henry
Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

John Henry is Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Caron Treatment Centers. He is responsible for brand management, marketing, advertising, business development, public relations, social media and call center operations for the U.S. He is also a member of the organization’s Leadership Committee.


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Mylene Krzanowski
Executive Vice President of Regional Advancement

As Executive Vice President of Regional Advancement, Ms. Krzanowski oversees Caron’s current regional offices – New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and Boston and works to advance Caron’s strategies, which will help to continue growing patient referrals and fundraising revenue through the regional offices. She is also responsible for the development of new offices, with the next one being Atlanta scheduled for 2013. In addition, Ms. Krzanowski oversees Student Assistance services that Caron currently provides to 493 schools in 15 states and the District of Columbia.

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Mike Puls
Vice President and Executive Director, Caron Texas

Mike Puls oversees the Caron Texas facility, which is 40 miles north of Dallas, with 36 adult, gender separate beds and 4 medically-supervised detox beds.  He has an established history of helping companies achieve results, developing people, and improving customer satisfaction in healthcare services.  He has extensive experience in developing and collaboratively managing highly skilled teams that provide the highest level of patient care.  As a resident of Dallas for nearly three decades, Mr. Puls has a passion for the community and a personal commitment to addiction treatment and recovery.


Becci Shaak
Vice President, Finance and Corporate Treasurer

Becci Shaak oversees the Finance function at Caron Treatment Centers since May of 2014, and currently serves as the Corporate Treasurer.  Prior to that, she held the positions of Corporate Director of Finance and Controller since November 2000. She has extensive experience in financial forecasting and modeling, mergers and acquisitions, as well as break-even analysis for all areas of the organization.

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Jennifer Savarese
Corporate Secretary/Administrative Director-President’s Office

Jennifer Savarese currently serves as Caron Treatment Centers’ Corporate Secretary and Administrative Director in the President’s Office.  In this role, Ms. Savarese assists the President and CEO in managing all aspects of this nonprofit addiction treatment center’s corporate governance, as well as various strategic projects, and serves on the organization’s Leadership Team. 

Prior to this, Ms. Savarese was the Staffing Manager at Chris Talarico & Associates, an employment agency in Berks County, PA.


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